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podcasters earn money

Conshax is a platform for podcast hosting & management.
We use the power of web3 to give you the ability
to earn a fair reward for your work.

Benefit from the community you built.

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Direct community

Direct community

Podcasting 2.0 allows listeners to support you directly from their listening app using the Lightning Network.

Reward loyal supporters with integrated tools like access to exclusive community channels.

listener feeds

listener feeds

Effortlessly create personalized feeds for your listeners.

We offer automatic supporter benefits, pay-per-listen episodes, sneak peaks that convert to full episodes and more.

podcast episodes

podcast episodes

Create distributable episode shares with custom utility.

For example, revenue splitting among shareholders.

What separates us from other podcast hosters

Start monetizing immediately

Earn money with your podcast, regardless of the size of your community.
All you need is a handful of supporting listeners.

Use simple & customizable monetization tools

Manage your monetization with simple user interfaces.
Combine and customize our monetization options to your needs.

Minimize your hosting workload

Together with experienced podcasters, we reduced our hosting features to the essentials.
We let you focus on podcast production, not podcast hosting.

Onboard with ease.

Switch to Conshax within minutes.

Retain 100% of your listeners.

Your podcast will be available everywhere.

Gain access to the power of web3.

All you need is one wallet. We guide you through your web3 journey.

Our purpose

Podcast addicts, tech experts

Producing podcasts takes a lot of time and effort. Podcasters work hard to produce quality content but earning money is only an option for a handful of very popular podcasts.

We develop our prize-winning platform in close collaboration with podcasters and listen to their needs. Instead of throwing around buzzwords, we create useful features.

Pascal Mehrwald

Favorite podcast genre:
Interviews with interesting people & science!

Moritz Schindelmann

Favorite podcast genre:
True crime & sports (NBA)!

Alwin Stockinger

Favorite podcast genre:
Tech news & comedy!

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